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What are Tinted Gray colors?

Tinted grays are essentially grays mixed with a small amount of color or hue. They retain their neutral quality but carry a subtle hint of color, resulting in variations like blue-gray, pink-gray, etc.

How are random Tinted Gray colors generated?

For every random generator mode on our website, we have a set of constraints specified in the OKHSL color space.

The constraints used for Tinted Gray colors are:

Color Channel (OKHSL) Range
Hue Full Range
Saturation 2% - 10%
Lightness Full Range

For random Tinted Grays, the Saturation value is limited to a very low range, which means the color will be almost a shade of gray, but not a pure gray as it cannot be less than 2%. Hue and Lightness are not constrained to produce a full range of tinted grays.

The set of constraints was chosen and fine-tuned based on manual testing and could be improved in the future. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to drop us a message with any suggestions!