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What are Neon colors?

Neon colors are extremely bright, saturated hues that appear to glow, mimicking the appearance of neon gas in illuminated signs. These electrifying colors, like fluorescent green or hot pink, provide a visually striking impact and are often associated with the modern and digital era. They are especially eye-catching in low light conditions or against darker backgrounds.

How are random Neon colors generated?

For every random generator mode on our website, we have a set of constraints specified in the OKHSL color space.

The constraints used for Neon colors are:

Color Channel (OKHSL) Range
Hue Full Range
Saturation 70% - 100%
Lightness 50% - 100%

For random Neon colors, the Saturation range is limited to high values to produce a vibrant color, and the Lightness range is limited to medium-high values to produce a Neon-like color. The Hue is not constrained to produce a full range of Neon colors.

The set of constraints was chosen and fine-tuned based on manual testing and could be improved in the future. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to drop us a message with any suggestions!